domingo, 23 de dezembro de 2007


BEYOND THE VETERINARY MEDICINE, Quantum Science perceives the influence of the observer in the object to which if it dedicates. It's the famous test of the black-box, with the cat-black there inside, Schrödinger demonstrated: the pussy can be alive and dead at the same time! It depends on who will be to watch it.
The Universe is product of the information.
Gravitational effect are only its children, in good pregnancy.
Who unchains the net? Who selects the notice? It has election? Or the Universe does not have conscience, prerogative of the agent greater? If it will not have, because it is become enlarged, without knowing for where goes?
Chopra is forceful: The attention energizes; the intention modifies.
The attention if dislocates fast more of the one than the light *, if you want.
You can change the game. We have renewed possibility at every moment.
Because of the eternity, the Universe no knows last. For it, everything is present. For the proper one, we attend its birth. Already of age, we see it in expansion. but, funny, it does not have arrow of the time. It becomes enlarged itself all, at the same time, as a balloon.
The past folloies to it, done railing of stairs-rolling? Well, it can was good. If some part is defective, remodels. It changes it, since it reaches to it.
In the present, the exchange is natural. It doesn't have way. The way if makes when walking. For here, the first step. When the snack, ticket to freeway.
The present one changes the future.
For we it can be easy, but it has that it affirms well: the destination is traced. It swims has to move!
For where, nobody knows. To nobody it is given to know. We walk as good-looking-blind person in the way of millions of blind people. Of that carpet-flyer if Alvorada has soil-of-plant?
The future, however, is simplest to scratch out. It's a blank page, waiting the sin. It's considered attemped. It places the letter, in the whim. If to splodge, doesn't consider.
The Universe thanks your participation. I, mainly.
* Nav's ALL breaks a law of Einstein.
Post: 15 of December of 2007.

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